Fiction by Author


Beware Egyptians Bearing Gifts
(29 July 2002) PG-13. Silliness alert. (9kb)
Summary: Just what the title says. Different people have different tastes and beliefs. Ares finds that out the hard way.

Call Back Yesterday
(13 October 2001) PG-13 for intensity, not sex. Tragedy, vague reference to rape, angsty but happy ending. (78kb)
Summary: An elderly Iolaus is going to solve the problem of Xena's daughter once and for all, no matter the cost.

Curses, Fucked Again
(19 July 2001) Slash. Autolycus/Iphicles. (21kb)
Summary: 5P Challenge Story: Person: Autolycus, Place: Behind a curtain/wallhanging, Position: Standing up, Prop: Curtain tie/tapestry roping, Piece of clothing: Money belt.

Farewell to Youth
(2 December 2001) A little violence, no sex; not a happy story. (9kb)
Summary: When Herakles became a god and married Hebe, goddess of youth and full sister of Ares, the God of War was not pleased.

Two Gods and a Guy
(13 October 2001) R. Slash. Ares/Iolaus, Herc/Iolaus implied, Herc/Ares/Iolaus/Cupid implied. Silliness quotient gets up there. (86kb)
Summary: Iolaus is used to unusual things happening but having two gods in his bed still counts as out of the ordinary, even for him.


(2 December 2001) Slash (for a bad sex challenge;). Ares/Iphicles. (6kb)
Summary: Iphicles gets sick and Ares' bedside manner is tested.

The Cuirass Cure
(2 December 2001) Gen, implied slash. Ares/Iphicles. (8kb)
Summary: Iphicles appears to be putting on a little weight...or is he?

As Fire By Smoke
(2 December 2001) Slash. Caesar/Cupid, Caesar/Ares. (20kb)
Notes: The Romans didn't have fireplaces as described in this fic but Ares asked me to pop it in.
Summary: Caesar plays a dangerous game with desire.

(2 December 2001) Ares/Iphicles, Cupid/m (and implied slash and het). (29kb)
Summary: An army led by one of Ares' sons is threatening Corinth...and it's all Cupid's fault?

Graegus: The Legendary Walkies
(18 December 2001) Walkies, action, adventure, slash. Ares/Iphicles, (Ares/Dionysus and Ares/nymph implied). (32kb)
Summary: Iphicles takes Graegus for walkies, and things only get worse.

(2 December 2001) Slash, myth. Ares/Iphicles. (14kb)
Notes: This was a three-word challenge with: amber, jet and green.
Summary: Iphicles buys Ares a gift and finds a tear for the future.

Setting Up For The Fall
(2 December 2001) Adventure, angst, slash (some non-con), violence. Ares/Iphicles, Ares/Dahak, (implied Ares/Poseidon). (37kb)
Notes: This story involves a non-canon appearance of Dahak.
Summary: Iphicles helps to defeat Dahak but must then regain Ares' trust.

Siring Passions
(2 December 2001) Slash, violence, and angst. Ares/OC. (22kb)
Summary: Ares deals with a case of patricide.

Stiches In Time
(8 December 2001) Gen. (13kb)
Summary: Myth tells us that Ares was imprisoned in a 'brass jar' for fourteen months. This fic is set a few days after his release.

Threads Of Control
(2 December 2001) Slash (non-con and hints of incest); Ares may be under age in this fic depending on how you interpret it. Young Ares/Angra Mainyu. (16kb)
Summary: Young Ares battles for control with a lust-filled Persian god.

Turning Point
(8 December 2001) Slash. Ares/Young Pompey. (5kb)
Summary: Ares finds a new protégé.

(2 December 2001) Slash (sorta non-con). Ares/Caesar. (6kb)
Summary: Ares teaches Caesar that only gods get worshipped. Or does he?

Ellison Wonderland

The Helmet and the Plume
(4 September 2001) Slash, violence, NC-17. (57kb)
Notes: 3 Words & a Requirement Challenge: silence, amphora, & peach; pairing of Ares and Hephaestus.
Summary: When one of the Fates wearies of her task, it's up to Ares and Hephaestus to subdue Destiny and save the world.


Hot ice and wondrous strange snow
(26 August 2001) NC-17. m/m. Hercules/Thor. Hercules/Iolaus implied. (46kb)
Summary: Tired of being a hero, Hercules lets go of his famed self-control, and discovers what surprising desires lurk in his subconscious.

O Rose, thou art sick
(17 July 2001) NC-17, m/m, non-consensual elements. Angst. Herc/Iolaus. (16kb)
Summary: A young Hercules tries to come to terms with a sudden change in his life.

Prayer to broken stone
(8 July 2001) PG. m/m (Herc/Ares) implied. (24kb)
Summary: Two lonely people find unexpected comfort in each other.


A feather to fly with
(28 October 2001) Slash. NC-17. Iphicles/Cupid. (23kb)
Summary: Iphicles dreams of love.

Family Ties
(12 November 2001) Slash. NC-17. Ares/Iphicles. (16kb)
Summary: Hercules watches his brothers.


(3 August 2001) R. Angst; implied m/m rape, torture and mutilation; character death. (17kb)
Summary: "Always" was inspired by "Together" by Juxian Tang, a story from Xena's POV in which the premise is that Xena does kill Gabrielle in "The Bitter Suite" and goes back to the dark side and to being a warlord and the chosen warrior of Ares. After that, ostensibly as a form of revenge for Gabrielle, she proceeds to conspire to strip Ares of his godhood by telling Zeus Ares was plotting to kill him, and to subject the mortal Ares to torture and abuse -- including gang rape by her soldiers and cutting out his tongue -- while continuing to keep him by her side as her slave/lover. "Always" is a sequel from Ares' POV.

Second Chances
(14 August 2001) R. Het (implied). Drama, angst, violence, character death. (111kb)
Summary: An unexpected development brings Xena and a mortal Ares together, but can they find lasting happiness? An alternate story line that diverges from X:WP canon in the last five minutes of the Season 6 opener "Coming Home." Gabrielle's POV. In addition to X:WP, some elements of this story were inspired by the film "Unforgiven" (1992), directed by and starring Clint Eastwood.


Constructing a Syllogism
(1 July 2002) NC17. Slash, issues of consent, bondage. Iphicles/Caesar. (14kb)
Summary: Caesar tries to understand what Ares sees in Iphicles.

(25 July 2001) NC17. Slash, mild kink, PWP. (11kb)
Note: Thanks to Emcee for the last minute, timely and much appreciated beta. And to Tham, who helped me rid the piece of extraneous words and punctuation. Smooch.
Summary: Iphicles give Ares a gift. Pure romp. 3 word challenge response. My words were void, dagger, and incense.

Giving Up the Fight
(25 July 2001) PG13, angst. (15kb)
Note: Ksares 3 word challenge... 3 words anvil, spindle, spider
Summary: Hercules wants to give up. Ares doesn't want to let him.

Lost for Words
(23 November 2001) PG13, Iph/Auto, pre-slash, H/I implied. Overused ellipses. (10kb)
Note: Single sentence challenge fic. See end for my sentence.
Summary: Iphicles tries to shut Autolycus up.

A Well Feathered Nest
(2 August 2001) PWP, light bondage, incest, slash, NC17. Ares/Iphicles/Cupid. (15kb)
Note: For Oshun, who asked so nicely and offered all sorts of perverted, erm... great ideas. Thanks also to JJ and Dawn who sat through building this in chat. Taz, if I did better this time, it's because of you.
Summary: Pure smut. Wing sex with no redeeming literary value.


Ari's Ashes
(15 April 2002) PG-13. Prequel to "You Have to Die." (25kb)
Summary: Ares makes a deal with Gabrielle for Xena's ashes.

The Best World Possible
(29 July 2002) PG-13. (46kb)
Note: The characters in this story do not belong to me -- big surprise -- they belong to Renaissance Studios. This is actually an attempt to straighten out and explain a situation created by professional writers and producers that made very little sense. I am certainly not going to make money off this story. I have had many, many people help me with this story including Kam, Lady Kate, Fruitbat44, Becky and my husband, Kim. Thanks everyone. Also, dear readers, please remember that the outcome of this story was created by other writers and that in order to create a plot I have had to make some friction between the characters. Please do not take this as a personal dislike for any character or his or her life style. I love them all!
Summary: Explains how Ares ended up in the cave in Macedonia. This story won first prize in the Ares Cave Challenge on JLynn's Bards of the Xenaverse.

Bottoming Out
(15 April 2002) X-over with Andromeda. NC-17. Happy ending. (26kb)
Summary: Harry Wagner (Ares) remembers the events of the previous night that have left him sorely confused.

The Game Continues
(8 February 2001) Slash. NC-17. Bondage and language. Andromeda/Hercules crossover. Ares/Tyr. (27kb)
Summary: (Andromeda Crossover Series, Part 2) Nietzschean biochemistry puts some restrictions on the night's activities which make the guys a little edgy. Ares accidentally finds the solution, just in time.

How You Played the Game
(8 February 2001) Slash. NC-17. Language. Andromeda/Hercules crossover. Ares/Iolaus, Ares/Iphicles (violent), and Dylan/Tyr (N/C issues) (67kb)
Summary: (Andromeda Crossover Series, Part 4) As a god, Ares moves through time and space, as the backstory to his presence in the Andromeda Universe is revealed. The crew of the Andromeda travels to a silver planet where the King (who looks a lot like Tyr's lover) is too possessive of his war minister (who has a strangely familiar alias.) The game is becoming complicated and it is difficult to win if you don't know all the details.

Midnight Snack
(29 July 2002) NC-17. (14kb)
Note: This is a Post-Fin story based on some comments in the Xena episode You Are There. The characters are not mine belonging either to Renaissance Studios or the public domain. Please note that this story exists in the same universe as my story Old Love, and gives a view from a Shipper Universe. There is one scene, which while not extremely graphic, is not suitable for children -- but then any children reading my stories would be bored long before they come to the sex part.
Summary: Ares negotiates an Post-FIN afterlife for Xena.

Ocean City Memories
(30 August 2002) R for a few bad words. Implied slash. (17kb)
Summary: Response to a vacation by the sea challenge. Three old friends seek to relive the recent (30 years ago) past in Ocean City, Maryland. Relax with a laid-back Ares, a gay Hercules, and an Iolaus who never changes.

Reflect on the Rising Sun
(29 July 2002) PG. Uber. (11kb)
Note: The characters in this story do not belong to me. Once they belonged to Renaissance Studios but they Renaissance killed off Xena and she reincarnated. Ares is immortal. Their love is eternal -- it just goes through a few rough periods.
Summary: Ares looks back on present lifetime with Xena and prepares to move on.

(15 April 2002) PG-13. (11kb)
Note: Three word challenge "laden, festival, trickle".
Summary: Young Xena makes her presence and intentions known to Ares through a sacrifice in his temple.

Secrets But Not Lies
(29 July 2002) NC-17. (116kb)
Note: This is story set outside the universe of Hercules and Xena as seen in the shows. (If TIIC can do it why can't I.) In this story the warrior Xena came to Thebes and left with Iolaus as in The Warrior Princess (H:TLJ) and then something went wrong, very wrong. The characters in this story (except for Penelope) belong to Renaissance Studios. This story is rated NC-17 for a scene (m/f) smack dab in the middle. It changes everything. I hope you give this story a chance, even if you do not like the pairing, maybe it will surprise you.
Summary: Set in an alternative world where Hercules does not go after Iolaus when he leaves with Xena in The Warrior Princess. Xena is married to Iolaus and their new life presents some challenges.

Sex as Power
(8 February 2001) Slash. NC-17. Bondage and language. Andromeda/Hercules crossover. Ares/Tyr. (28kb)
Summary: (Andromeda Crossover Series, Part 1) A "just posing" Tyr Anasazi meets an interesting man in a bar. The night goes on further than the Nietzschean had ever anticipated, involves some fun and games, and ends with his learning that he has just hooked up with the real god of war.

Spirit and Flesh
(15 April 2002) R. A couple of bad words -- after all it is Ares talking. (12kb)
Summary: Ares, in his uber role as Harry Wagner aboard Andromeda, remembers actor Kevin Smith.

Testing and Trying
(8 February 2001) Slash. NC-17. Language. Andromeda/Hercules crossover. Ares/Tyr. (22kb)
Summary: (Andromeda Crossover Series, Part 3) A fun romp. Only the smallest hint of a plot keeps it from being pure PWP.

You Have To Die, So You Can Be Reborn
(15 April 2002) NC-17 for f/f and m/f sex. Xena/Gabrielle, Xena/Ares. Plus other crossover characters in Uber setting. (88kb)
Note: This story is the third in a series of post 9/11/2001 fan fiction that began with "The Wind Will Do the Rest" and continued with "Ari's Ashes". The story also makes reference to another of my works "Old Love". The end of this story contains gore and character death; but actually is an uplifting story. I want to thank Lady Kate and Ahary for the help they gave me with Russian words. My language skills are about the same as Grace's. Lady Kate also helped with a second edit of this story, thanks loads.
Summary: Uber characters in present-time Afghani conflict attempt to figure out past and present relationships.


Under Dark Wings
(2 September 2001) PWP. Slash. NC-17. N/C. Some violence. Cupid GOW/Iphicles. (8kb)
Note: Requested by Lorna: "Ok, so I have a hankering for Cupid. Love or AU war, I don't care. With either Ares or Iph, or both. But Cupid needs to top. Something about those wings." Hope you enjoy this, Lorna! Thanks to Tori for a quick beta and some reassurance.
Summary: Iphicles find himself a captive of the AU God of War.


(9 July 2001) Slash, rape, violence. (35kb)
3-word challenge story. Words: accusation; lilies; abaton. (An abaton, as far as I've been able to determine, is a patients' dormitory in a healing temple.)
Summary: Iphicles discovers the price of making noble gestures.


Ares' Defender
(16 July 2001) R. Um, Gabrielle/Hercules bashing. Ares/Joxer. (200kb)
Note: Thank you Kate, this story would be a real mess if not for you. This is my first Ares/Joxer fic, even though I've been addicted to reading this pairing for over a year. I normally write Sentinel fic, but my focus seems to be expanding of late. All mistakes are mine.
Summary: Ares is challenged but only a willing mortal may champion him.


Dark and Deep
(23 July 2001) NC-17, sex happens. (30kb)
Summary: Herc romps with little woodland creatures.

The Thief's Tale
(23 July 2001) NC-17. Slash. A/H. (20kb)
Summary: Autolycus recounts a coup for the moderately mature reader.


(7 July 2001) Slash. NC-17. PWP. Bondage. Issues of consent. Ares/YIolaus. (21kb)
Summary: Ares ties up YIolaus and does things to him. It's an overgrown drabble, a smutty offshoot of my love-letter, "Cherry," although you don't need to read that to follow this.

(30 August 2001) PWP. Slash. Issues of consent. Violence. Kink. NC-17. Ares/Caesar, Caesar/m. (97kb)
Summary: In the aftermath of his father's death, after indulging himself at the court of King Nicomedes, Caesar, nineteen and lost, is kidnapped by a pirate.

(7 July 2001) Slash. NC-17. Issues of consent. Iphicles/Caesar/Ares, Iphicles/Cupid, Iphicles/other. (51kb)
Summary: With Ares' help, Caesar punishes Iphicles, who dreams of Cupid.

Like a Virgin
(28 October 2001) Slash. NC-17. Smutty adventure-comedy. Ares/Autolycus. (190kb)
Note: This is the completed, revamped version, posted here in full for the first time. Thanks to all who encouraged me to finish this (I had stopped about halfway through), and for those who helped in various capacities along the way.
Summary: Autolycus helps a mortal Ares find his sword of power.

Never Born
(9 September 2001) NC-17. Slash. PWP. Violence. Issues of consent. Ares/Sovereign, implied Jester/Sovereign. (18kb)
Note: Thanks to LaT for the pairing suggestion, and Lorna for the help.
Summary: The Sovereign, trapped in a space between worlds, receives a visitor.

That Perfect Edge
(6 October 2001) Slash. NC-17. PWP. Iphicles/Iolaus. (20kb)
Summary: Iphicles loves Iolaus in an orchard.

The Tribe of Dreams
(22 July 2001) Slash. NC-17. Hercules/Iphicles, Ares/Hercules. (179kb)
Summary: Against a backdrop of monsters and murder, in a land where nightmares turn real, Hercules, with Iolaus' help, confronts the truth about his relationship with Iphicles and Ares.


Blood Ties
(25 October 2001) PWP, slash. Ares/Iphicles. (14kb)
Note: For the "Private Dancer" PWP challenge. Thamiris requested: "Ares/Iphicles. Iphicles is tied up and gets a long detailed blowjob from Ares in a beautiful, well-described Roman setting of your choice."
Summary: Ares explains unpleasant realities to the King of Corinth.

Midnight Truth
(25 October 2001) Slash. Ares GOL/Iphicles. (14kb)
Note: 5P Challenge: Person: Ares GoL. Position: front to back anal sex; preferably, against a wall. Place: somewhere in Iphicles' palace. Piece of clothing: a dark blue silk robe. Prop: an amethyst cup or chalice.
Summary: Ares GOL watches and reflects on the nature of love.

The Nature of the Beast
(25 October 2001) Gen. PG rating. Comedy. (8kb)
Note: For the three-word challenge. My words were: lion, addiction, creation.
Summary: Caesar battles the "monkey on his back."