by Cycnus

Iphicles groaned, or was it a whimper? At this stage he was beyond caring. He merely crouched, resting his head against the thankfully cool window ledge of his bedchamber, trying to garner what little comfort he could for his churning guts by hugging and rocking himself.

Gods, it hurt. Stupid fucking Athenians, stupid fucking advisors, stupid fucking King of Corinth. Squid. Eat the squid, they said. It will impress the Athenians, they said. They didn't tell him not to eat the whole fucking thing!

Iphicles whimpered. It was definitely a whimper this time. He knocked his head lightly against the slightly damp stone, but that little pain did nothing to offset the tremendous ache in his stomach and intestines. What had he done to deserve this? He wasn't a bad king; he wasn't a bad man. He tried to do the right thing. Fucking advisors, couldn't advise him not eat so damn much, could they? At least they had left him alone now. Well, once he had thrown that chair at them. An evil smile twisted itself over Iphicles' lush lips, only to be replaced a stomach growl later by a strangled moan of pain.

Trapped in yet another bout of extreme agony, Iphicles never heard Ares flash into the room behind him. His first indication of his godly lover's presence came with a pair of strong hands suddenly wresting him to his feet and pinning his back against the wall.

"Ares--" he gasped out just before his mouth was covered in a harsh demanding kiss. The taste of blood and smoke suddenly covered his tongue and he was naked with hard leather pressing insistently against him. "Ares, no." Iphicles gulped against the bile rising up his throat as Ares whirled him around and pinned him spread-eagled to the wall. He felt the oil that suddenly appeared inside him, heard leather shift, and Ares was pressing into him. "I don't feel--"

Ares pushed his engorged cock in; Iphicles threw up all down the wall.

"What the fuck?" Ares jumped back.

Without Ares' weight supporting him, Iphicles crumpled to the floor -- carefully avoiding the squid bits. "I tried to tell you I wasn't feeling well," Iphicles panted up at the glowering god. "You didn't listen. You never fucking listen."

Ares backed off another couple of steps, eyeing Iphicles with suspicion. "Did someone try to poison you?" He squinted. "You're not dying."

"That's good to hear. Thanks."

"So what happened?" Ares' leather creaked as he crouched down, still keeping his distance.

"I'm just sick." Iphicles pouted. "Can I get my clothes back now?"

"Sure," Ares answered lightly and Iphicles' arms were wrapped around clothed flesh once more. "What's wrong with you?"

Iphicles thought he could detect a glimmer of amusement in Ares' curious gaze. "Nothing, I'll be fine tomorrow."

A smirk pulled at the corners of Ares' mouth until he sucked the bottom lip between his teeth for a thoughtful chew. "You don't have any kind of disease, Iph."

"It's nothing, Ares." Iphicles hugged his knees against his chest and glared at the floor. "I just ate too much squid."

"You WHAT?" Ares burst out laughing.

Iphicles adjusted his shoulders against the wall and pulled his knees tighter against his chest.

Ares continued to laugh.

"It's not funny, Ares," Iphicles hissed.

"Oh, it is." Ares nodded and continued to giggle.

"You're a fucking unfeeling prick."

"Oh, I know." Ares wiped his eyes and stood to leave. "I'll see you tomorrow."

"That's it?" Iphicles yelped at the departing god. "You're just going to let me suffer?"

Ares shrugged. "Pretty much, yeah." He nodded, still giggling, and disappeared in a cheery flash of light.

"You unbelievable, unfeeling bastard!" Iphicles bawled at the empty space. "Just you try and come on to me tomorrow, you--" Iphicles' words were lost in another heartfelt groan of agony.

The End