Under Dark Wings

by Narcissus

I woke to a vision of wings. Impossibly glossy, midnight dark, stretched wide, they seemed to fill the whole room. I realized I was naked, arms and legs bound to the posts edging the cold, hard platform where I lay.

I tested my bonds. There was some give, but not enough to allow a possibility of escape. Those wings flexed then, and I wondered why I wanted to escape. Soft candle glow illuminated their surface, giving me a glimpse of the deep feather pattern. I wondered whether those feathers would feel soft against my naked skin.

He turned then, so I could see his face and body, wings arched high behind him. He moved toward me, golden skin gleaming in the soft light, the dagger clutched in his hand glinting with wicked promise. He was beautiful: golden hair contrasting with darker bronze skin, high cheekbones, jaw dusted with dark stubble. Or he would have been beautiful if I hadn't been terrified of his cruel smile, the madness gleaming in his eyes, and that dagger's menacing threat. He wore only a loincloth draped over his lean hips. It was dark blue and barely covered the bulge of his cock.

"Good. You're awake then. And my drug's taken effect. You'll struggle against what I make you feel, but you won't win. Nobody wins against me."

As he stroked lovingly at the bulge at his groin, I forced one word past my dry lips. "Why?"

Suddenly, he was beside me, looming over me. I knew his wings were arched over me, as if in protection, but all I could see was his cruel face. "Why?" he laughed. "What does it matter? You're his fuck toy. He's obsessed with you. I have to see for myself why he wants you. Why he wants you and not--" He cut himself off with a grimace.

He drew back then and placed the dagger's point in the middle of my chest. He drew a moist, red line down my middle, almost to my navel. "You have lessons to learn, mortal. One is that no one questions me. If they do, they don't live to tell about it."

One of his rough, callused fingers smeared the drawn blood over my chest while he crooned softly to himself. I focused on his fluttering wings to distract myself from the pain.

He released the dagger and crawled on top of me, straddling me with his muscular thighs. He rubbed again at his groin, and the head of his cock peeped over the confining blue cloth. He looked at it proudly. "Beautiful, isn't it? Almost as beautiful as your lips." His thumb traced over my bottom lip. His touch was gentle, but I could see the muscles bunch in his arms and chest, as if he restrained himself from doing more.

"Open your mouth, mortal king, and take me in." He pulled away his loincloth, slapped my jaw, and slid his swollen cock into my suddenly open mouth. "Make it good. Show me what you do for him, or I'll give you more pain than you can imagine."

I don't know whether I hesitated too long or he just wanted to demonstrate what he could do to me. He drove a stiffened finger into the side of my neck, and excruciating fire shot through my body. I writhed in agony while he watched me thoughtfully. Those strong fingers pinched one of my nipples, then pulled on it hard. I was still in unbearable pain, but some glimmer of pleasure shot to my cock.

I sucked his cock, using every skill I possessed. I knew my life, if I had any chance at all, depended on pleasing him. I tried to please him as I please you. But my heart wasn't in it. I felt like one of those automatons Heph makes for you.

Something, perhaps a light, pulsing breeze, made me open my eyes. I saw those shining, dark wings arched up and out from his back. They fluttered gently with each suck of my lips and each lick from my tongue. Focused on those beautiful wings, I started to believe that nothing had ever tasted so good as the cock filling my mouth and throat. My tongue swirled lavishly around its head as I sucked it in deeper.

He grasped my head with strong fingers to hold me still while his cock thrust into my hungry mouth repeatedly. He was panting now, and those wings beat the air as if keeping time with his thrusts. I sucked harder, pulling him deep into my throat. I wanted his wings to surround me, to take me higher than I'd ever been.

Suddenly, he pulled back. All I could see was hard, glistening cock and those vibrant, glorious wings. "No. Have to be in your ass. Have to come in your ass. Have to see if it's tight and sweet, tight and sweet like mine. You shouldn't tempt me like that."

He slapped me so hard my vision swam. Perhaps I blacked out again. When I could see and feel, my legs were forced up and out, bound by long cords so I couldn't close them. I was completely open, completely vulnerable for whatever he wanted to do to me. His wings were stretched out over both of us like a canopy. I could feel his fingers probing at my hole while he crooned some song without words.

He leaned over me so his mouth was close to my ear and his cock rode the crease between my cheeks. "It's a sweet hole, isn't it? Does he tell you that? Does he tell you it's the sweetest hole he's ever had? He doesn't know mine, does he? Let's see how tight it is."

He pulled back, positioned his cock at my entrance, and rammed straight into me. I screamed then as that thick cock forced its way deep inside. He howled with laughter, pulled out slightly, and rammed himself back in. He started muttering again, telling me to use my muscles, to grip his cock with my ass muscles, to milk him of his seed.

I tried to ignore the pain and do what he wanted. I fixed my sight on the gleaming, black wings arched over us. They beat the air rhythmically, up and down, as his cock rammed into me over and over again. I was mesmerized. I could see individual feathers now. The fronds of those feathers rustled gently as his wings stroked the air. I imagined what it would be like to feel several of those feathers thrusting in and out of my ass. Those soft fronds would tickle me as they moved in and out, and I'd clamp down with my muscles to try to keep them inside me.

My fantasy did the trick. He howled out his pleasure as he came. I watched his feathers rustle as his cock pulsed strongly inside me, filling me with jet after jet of hot come. He grabbed my cock and jerked it hard. Watching his wings, feeling his feathers inside me, I came, shooting semen all over my belly and chest.

He leaned over then, resting his stubbled cheek against my chest. His tongue reached out to gather a drop of my semen. His glorious wings came down and enfolded us both in a dark, warm place. I thought I had survived his test.

He lifted his head, and those mad eyes stared into mine. "No wonder he wants you. No wonder he won't look at me. He'll never look at me as long as he has you."

His fingers tightened around my throat. I pulled at my bonds and tried to arch my body to throw him off. My struggles were useless. He choked me as his wings started to test the air again. When my vision started to blur, I thought of you and how I didn't have a chance to say goodbye to you. Then I dreamt of wings surrounding me, fluttering around me, cradling me, as I drifted away.

That's all I remember until I awoke in your arms.

The End