by Cycnus

"The stones of the temple itself, and everything in it, were taken in conquest, Ares." Caesar watched the God of War prowl around the temple built in his honour, inspecting the occasional statuette and poking the odd tapestry. "Every stone is stained with the blood of the vanquished. Every item here tastes of the defeated foe's fear." Caesar paused as Ares stilled to listen. "Every breath you take is scented with victory, and this is your temple, Ares. This I gift to you." He then waited silently, watching the broad expanse of Ares' leather clad back.

Ares took a deep breath, a breath he shuddered out upon exhale.

Caesar wiped the victorious smirk from his face as Ares turned to face him; he had not won the game -- yet.

"Do you really think you can seduce me with these baubles and a few, admittedly hot, turns of phrase?" Ares strolled forwards, his high colour and dilated gaze belying his mocking tone.

"I merely present you with this gift, Lord Ares." Caesar bowed his head a little, his eyes never leaving Ares' approach.

"Of course." Ares came to stand so close that Caesar could feel his radiating body heat. "And you ask nothing in return."

"Nothing." Caesar fought the urge to lean into the warm fingers that brushed across his cheekbone then settled to pet the base of his neck. "Nothing that isn't rightfully mine."

"Rightfully yours?" Ares purred a tickling breath in Caesar's ear. "And what might that be?" A small click of a heavy imperial clasp, and Caesar's robes slid down his body to pool at his feet.

"Worship," Caesar stifled a gasp at the fingers that fell to caress his nipples, warm against the sudden touch of cool air. "The worship that I deserve."

"Oh you deserve a little worship," Ares conceded with a rain of feather kisses upon Caesar's neck. "What did you have in mind?"

"You," Caesar breathed, moving his hands up to tangle in Ares' thick mane of black of hair. "On your knees before me."

Silence. Caesar held his breath as Ares' dark head slowly withdrew from his neck and he was held in a gaze blacker than the very bowels of the underworld. He tightened his grip on the curls between his fingers, making Ares' head jerk sharply backwards.

Just as Caesar thought the dark fury in those ebony eyes would burst into an uncontrollable rage, Ares smiled. Releasing his hold on Ares' hair, Caesar watched the God of War sink to his knees before him.

As much as Caesar wanted to keep his eyes open, to look upon a statue of the war god as the divine embodiment of that god licked his raging cock, the wave of sheer pleasure from this victory nearly cost him his balance. Blindly, Caesar's hands reached out to find the long, soft waves that adorned that busily licking head, just as his own head was thrown back with a wordless cry and divinity's hot mouth swallowed him whole.

The echo of his cry had barely subsided when Caesar found himself on the floor, on all fours, and still achingly hard.

"NO! It is not supposed to happen like this!" he protested, wriggling against Ares' grip on his legs.

"Says who?" Ares laughed, and Caesar's body was heaved back until Ares had a firm hold around his thighs.

Caesar's next words were driven from his throat in a raw cry of pain. The abrupt tug of his body onto Ares' cock pulled Caesar's arms out from under him, causing his head to hit the stone floor with a resounding thud. But nothing dulled the searing agony of Ares' continued thrusts until somewhere, at sometime, they turned into world consuming pleasure.

"I had you," Caesar gasped, revelling in the rapture of this god's gift despite the steady flow of blood trickling into his left eye then dripping to the floor. "I had you on your knees, Ares." Caesar then made a soundless cry of pleasure as Ares' divine seed burst within him and his own seed sputtered against the temple stone. "I had you," he whispered, collapsing with Ares' weight on top of him. "You worshipped me," Caesar finished through a red haze, aware of nothing but Ares' body heat above him and Ares' panting breath in his ear.

"I sucked you a little, nothing more." Ares' lips brushed Caesar's blood sticky eye.

"No." Caesar smiled as the black veil of unconsciousness began to descend over him. "You worshipped me."

The End

Note: Veneratio is the Latin word for worship.