A Well Feathered Nest

by Lorna

Iphicles landed gently and blinked blue sparks out of his eyes. He shook off the disorientation that always accompanied a trip on the god express and glanced around at the temple Ares had transported them to. It was Iphicles' personal favorite, a looming mausoleum of black stone, but possessed of private rooms of astonishing luxury. Once upon a time, a greedy head priest had taken the offerings left for Ares and put them towards his own comfort. Ares still used his skull as a dice cup on occasion. The temple became a well used trysting spot, and Iphicles enjoyed the privacy it afforded them.

They were in a small anteroom off the huge bedchamber, which was lit with tapers and was laid out with a vast assortment of food and wine. Iphicles raised his brows. "What have I done to deserve all of this?"

Ares smiled slightly, and moved to stand in the bedchamber doorway,  arms crossed over his chest. "I wanted to surprise you. With a gift. I thought I owed you one."

Iphicles frowned. "That's supposed to make me feel better? Generally when you think you owe me something I end up bent over a piece of furniture. What did I do now?"

The look Ares gave him said 'I'm hurt you think that of me'. His voice, on the other hand, was a gonna fuck you purr. "No, I really do owe you for this. Remember a few weeks back, when your guards all turned into rutting stags? Then decided you were the sweet little doe? Afraid that was my fault."

Controlling his voice with extreme care Iphicles asked, "Your fault how? Do you have any idea how humiliating that was?" He set his barely touched goblet of wine aside before he broke it.

Ares nodded, trying and failing to look genuinely contrite. Iphicles was sure Ares had no real experience with guilt, but it was a fair attempt nonetheless. "I had a small disagreement. With Cupid. He decided to take it out on you."

With a derisive snort, Iphicles replied, "You know, I wish I knew why your family insists on involving me in your squabbles. They assume you actually give a shit."

Ares pushed away from the door crossed the room to stand beside Iphicles, so close that Iphicles could smell his leather and steel musk. "Oh trust me, I do take care of what's mine. The family knows that."

He let his anger drain away. Iphicles had learned a long time ago that it was easier to deal with Ares if you didn't get mad. He waved a hand at the extravagant table setting. "So this is my surprise? Nice, but not your usual thing."

"No. This is wining and dining." Ares reached out and cupped Iph's face with hard fingers. Ares leaned in and kissed him, and the impact of it shook his spine. His entire body drew taut when Ares pressed his lips open and thrust a slick tongue inside, replacing the taste of  wine with the flavor of war god. When Ares pulled away, Iphicles was shaking, hot as a teenaged boy finding his cock for the first time. Ares had only to touch him and he was out of control.

With an approving noise Ares straightened and backed away. Iphicles reached for him, but he evaded and instead turned Iph towards the bedroom door. "Your present is in there." Iph felt a light push on his backside, and reluctantly went with it, worried again about what Ares might deem appropriate to "make it up to him."

He stopped dead just inside the bedroom door. Heat bloomed in his face and between his legs at the sight of golden skin and iridescent wings splayed across a giant bed draped in unrelieved black. Cupid, chained there, face down, arms and legs spread wide. From the state of the sheets beneath him, Cupid had struggled mightily, but was unable to get free. He slept now, face turned toward the door,  boyish in slumber.

Nothing boyish about the rest of him, though, according to Iphicles' greedy appraisal. He stroked his eyes over the strong body, enhanced by the oddly shaped wing joints above the shoulder blades, and by the seemingly delicate wings themselves. So white that you could pick out every color of the rainbow, silky feathers rustling with Cupid's breathing. Cupid was beautifully unreal, and looking at him Iphicles thought his cock might simply explode, splattering pearly drops of  himself all over the black and white tableau.

Ares looped strong arms about his waist from behind. Hot breath flowed into his ear as Ares whispered, "Like it?".

Iphicles could only nod dumbly and try to control his breathing. Ares bit his neck hard enough to leave a mark, and hips rolled in response. He forced himself to concentrate as Ares spoke again. "Good. Now you get to have that. *If* you do only what I tell you, when I tell you to do it. Can you handle that?"

It was all he could do not to start whimpering. Iphicles knew there had to be a catch. This was supposed to be for him, but Ares always had to have the upper hand. He looked at Cupid, spread before him, waiting to be taken. It would be worth whatever torture Ares put him through to have that. It worked too, as revenge for Cupid's latest trick. So he simply bobbed his head. Yes, he could follow directions. For now. Ares guided  him to a  throne-like chair and pushed him down. His hands were placed firmly on the arm rests and his legs were spread so he could get no sensation from pressing them together. "Stay there and don't touch yourself," he was admonished. "This ends the minute you disobey me."

Ares turned away, toward the bed where Cupid was beginning to stir. Iphicles could tell the moment Cupid became aware of his surroundings, because he put up a fierce, if brief, struggle. Cupid subsided, and shot Ares a glare that reminded Iphicles that these two were father and son. Ares stopped at the head of the bed and ran a finger down Cupid's nose. Cupid snapped at him like a rabid dog, which only made Ares laugh delightedly.

"You know what's coming, don't you?", Ares asked. "You know you deserve it too. If you're going to involve him in our arguments, you're going to pay the price."

Tightly furled wings rustled ominously. "Yes Hercules." Cupid's voice was snide. "Ow! What, you give me the same lecture he would about leaving mortals out of our fights and expect me not to call you on it? Next thing you know you'll be telling your warlords to lay down their weapons and give peace a chance."

That should have earned Cupid another swat, but Ares just made a rude noise and stroked a  hand across one of Cupid's wings, from base to tip, ruffling the long flight feathers. He stroked languidly, continuing the motion until the wings were gently opening and closing and Cupid's eyes were at half mast in pleasure. Ares coupled his motions with words spoken in a gravelly undertone. "I don't give a shit what you do with other mortals. But *this* one is mine. And it pisses me off when you use him to get to me."

Iphicles squirmed in his seat. It made him hot, both with anger and with lust when Ares claimed him with such casual arrogance. Watching Ares preen Cupid's wings just made him hot with lust. Ares lulled Cupid into relaxation, the long wings drooping open, gilded body sinking into the bed. When Cupid was mostly compliant, Ares undressed and joined him on the bed, covering his body with a much heavier one. Cupid didn't resist, and Iphicles could sympathize. He wouldn't try to escape Ares' touch either.

Ares straddled Cupid's back just below the shoulder blades, caressing sensitive wing joints. Cupid began to moan and every sound sent a surge to Iphicles' groin. Ares slid forward just enough to seat his cock between Cupid's wings, and Cupid's entire body bucked into the pressure. Iphicles clenched the arms of the chair until wood creaked and splintered, trying to remain still. Ares set his hands on Cupid's back, one on either side of a wing and pushed them towards each other. Then he began sliding his pelvis into the downy tunnel, groaning with pleasure.

A long, low moan came from Cupid, and Ares rocked himself steadily into the groove between those drawn up wings. Iphicles heard himself gasping for air, heard Cupid pleading for relief, heard Ares grunt with each thrust. The air in the room was thick with musk, so heavy that Iphicles could catch it on his tongue. His nipples throbbed and his cock ached and he wanted to beg , but he was supposed to be still. Ares had not told him he could speak. Cupid ground into the bed, making noises that no human could produce. Desperate, needy sounds that teetered on the edge of completion.

Not ready to let him finish., Ares pulled away with a sudden lurch. Cupid thrashed against his bonds and moaned a denial, but Ares quit the bed altogether and moved to stand beside Iphicles' chair, so both of his captives could see the sweat covered body, and thick, quivering cock. Ares' voice was hoarse and rough, rumbling out of his chest. "Not yet. I don't want either of you to come yet. Watch. Just watch."

He was so close that Iphicles could've leaned over, taken that cock deep into his mouth and come just from sucking it. But he forced himself to do what Ares ordered. He didn't want to ruin this. Beyond Ares' hips he could see Cupid looking on with glazed eyes. Ares held a single velvety feather in his hand, and ran it lightly over his body, starting at the throat and working down over the tightly muscled chest. The feather circled each nipple and dusted down over the tight belly. Cupid whimpered and Iphicles shook and Iphicles couldn't tear his eyes away now even if Ares ordered him too. Which wouldn't happen, because Ares was too busy running that now damp feather over and around his cock. It flicked lightly around the head and down the shaft, then made a brief foray to tease the balls underneath.

Iphicles licked his lips and tasted blood where he had bitten off his cries. A glance at Cupid showed him to be in no better shape as he strained against his bonds, wings beating furiously. Ares moved a few inches closer to Iphicles, close enough that the heat from his body seared Iphicles' cheek. Ares smoothed the feather over Iphicles' mouth and around his chin to tickle his ear. "Such an obedient little king. It's almost time for your reward. You just have to be good a little longer. Can you do that?"

He knew he would curse himself for a weakling and a slut later, but every part of Iphicles' body except his mouth screamed yes. His entire posture softened into submission and he begged silently for whatever scrap of relief Ares might give him. Ares tucked the long feather into Iphicles' hair cradled his neck, pulling him forward. "Good boy. Suck me. Do it right and Cupid's all yours."

The cock slid into his mouth easily, sliding along his tongue. He laved at it and tasted salt and steel and violence. He worked his lips around Ares' length, sucking strongly, setting the rhythm he knew Ares like best. He pulled almost completely off to catch the slick fluid at the tip, then slid back down to caress the head with his throat muscles. Ares was pushing against him now, snapping his hips, completion just out of reach. Iphicles sucked hard, wedging the head against the roof of his mouth. He felt Ares begin to come, and pulled completely away. He put on a show for the watching Cupid, leaning back several inches and catching Ares' creamy fluid neatly in his open mouth.

Ares pulled Iphicles to his feet and collapsed into the vacated chair. Ares was heavy eyed and loose limbed, satiation in every line of his body. He gestured towards Cupid, who was panting, eyes wild in the flickering light. "Take him," he said simply, and settled himself more firmly in his seat, watching Iphicles with gleaming delight.

His legs shook as he walked to the bed, and Cupid strained towards him, making these unbelievable sounds, stretching  out those gorgeous wings until the nearest one brushed against Iphicles' skin. Soft as a baby chick against Iphicles' own pulsing hardness, sending shudders through both of them. Unable to wait any longer, Iphicles settled himself between Cupid's sprawled legs. He grasped at the flexing wing joints for leverage and pushed Cupid further open with his thighs. He stroked himself against the cleft of Cupid's buttocks, then moved the head of his cock into position and slid home in one hard thrust. Iphicles wasn't sure where his scream started and Cupid's ended, but there was no holding back, and he began slamming into Cupid's ass roughly, racing towards the finish far too quickly, but still to slowly.

They came in a rolling wave of straining muscles and clutching hands, Cupid's wings snapping to full extension as he climaxed. Iphicles was only moments behind, the flex and relax of the tightness around him pulling an almost painful orgasm from him. He lay along Cupid's back, spent and boneless. He heard the creak and shift of the chair Ares sat in, followed by the jingle of Cupid's chains being removed. His comfortable cushion bounced and shifted, and without really knowing how it happened, Iphicles was on his back with Cupid curled atop him, wings folded protectively around them. Iphicles heard Ares murmur, "We're even." As he drifted into sleep he wondered briefly which one of them Ares was talking to.

The End