As Fire By Smoke

by Cycnus

"So, what do you think is keeping him?" Caesar poured wine into one silver goblet, then another, watching the red liquid sparkle and splash in the glow of the oil lamps. "It's not like Ares to be so tardy." He brought a finger to catch a drip of wine running down the side of one goblet then sucked it contemplatively.

"He'll be here." The abrupt answer was accompanied by the slight rustling of feathers that sent a shiver down Caesar's spine.

"I have no doubt that he will." Caesar turned, goblets in his hand, to face his guest.

Standing with his back to the fireplace, the slight movement of his wings breathing softly through the air, Cupid seemed to suit the severe stone walls of Caesar's palace almost as much as his father ever did. With the firelight to his back, his wings were no longer snow-white bright -- but a living shadow casting a sheltering pall over his temptingly bronzed body.

"But your father is a busy god after all." Caesar strolled over the teal tiled floor towards Cupid, studying the tense muscles and scowling features even as Cupid's dark eyes took his measure in return. "Does he keep you waiting often?"

"No," Cupid snapped, jaw muscle clenching, wings bristling. "He doesn't." He glared pointedly back.

Smiling, Caesar handed Cupid a goblet, taking care to brush his fingers against the tingling godly skin. The silhouetted wings rustled again, sending a gentle breeze over Caesar's heating skin. "Of course not." He turned his back on Cupid to walk a few paces away. "You have your duties to perform also." He faced Cupid once more. "I'm sure your father is aware of that."

"Yes." Cupid swirled the wine in his goblet.

"He has no doubt been caught up in some pressing matter in Corinth." Caesar watched a tensing ripple run along the outside edge of Cupid's wings. "It seems that there are always pressing matters in Corinth for Ares to attend to."

Cupid made no reply, only turning to place his untouched goblet of wine upon the high ledge of the fireplace behind him, giving Caesar a tempting view of his densely muscled back and sweetly rounded ass.

"I have never visited Corinth," Caesar continued lightly as Cupid folded his arms over his chest. "I have never seen the attraction, to be honest. Tell me, have you been to Corinth, my Lord?"

A sudden shadow was cast over the room as Cupid stretched his wings to the their full extent, flexed them slightly, then folded them tight against his back.

"I thought not." Caesar smirked into a sip of wine. "Perhaps Corinth is not a suitable destination for you." He walked forwards to crouch before the fireplace, close enough to Cupid's leather clad legs to inhale that delicious godly scent as he picked up the poker to prod the failing flames. "Perhaps Ares takes you visiting elsewhere? Or does he like to keep such habits to himself?"

"His habits are none of your concern." Cupid looked down, firelight dancing in his eyes.

"Nor yours it would seem." Caesar stood up, so close his clothes brushed against Cupid's bare skin. "It is always a pity when a father and son can't share the same pleasures." He ran fingers along Cupid's uppermost forearm, feeling the taut muscles twitching beneath his caress.

A sharp stab of pain shot up his arm as Caesar was suddenly snapped around, his wrist forced high between his shoulder blades as he was pulled tightly back against Cupid.

"Like father, like son," Caesar laughed at the hard, leather-covered heat pressing against him, then hissed when his wrist was jerked further up his back.

"I am nothing like my father," Cupid growled low in Caesar's ear. "And you're in danger of finding out just how different I am." Cupid shoved Caesar away so he stumbled forwards to land painfully on his knees.

"And just how dangerous are you?" Caesar climbed slowly to his feet, trying to relax his screaming shoulder muscles and rubbing at his bruising wrist. "You say you are nothing like your father, yet I can't help but see the resemblance." He walked back across the floor, trying to read Cupid's intent beneath the flickering shadows.

"And what resemblance to my father do I bear?" Cupid sighed and Caesar was close enough to feel the cool brush of this breath against his heated cheek. He stroked the back of his hand down Cupid's smooth shoulder.

"Beauty, strength, danger," he whispered, pressing his body into Cupid's as he continued to caress the flawless skin, bringing his lips against the hollow in Cupid's neck to inhale that sweet godly scent. "So sensual and responsive." He kissed up the swallowing throat, brushing his fingers along Cupid's shoulders to cup the back of that strong neck as he pressed his lips firmly against Cupid's. The thrill of victory ran down Caesar's spine as those strong arms encircled him and the hot mouth under his opened to receive him. Caesar's world exploded in an acute burst of agonising pleasure as soon as he tasted Cupid's kiss. Every nerve ending wailing in ecstasy, he struggled blindly against the demanding body holding him -- trying to deny his urgent need to do anything it commanded. There was breath of cool air and the weight of linen against Caesar's skin was replaced by a soft feather caress that seemed to cover every inch of his quivering flesh, plummeting Caesar into the dark pool of his own desperate desire...

"What did you do to him?" A deep voice growled and a booted foot nudged at his naked body. Senses swirling, Caesar lay still on the floor, letting the tile grooves press their patterns into his back.

"Nothing he didn't ask for," came the bored reply from somewhere across the room.

The foot nudged him again and Caesar groaned in tired protest, too raw and exhausted to roll away.

"You know he's mine," the growling voice suddenly spoke from just above him and Caesar opened his eyes to a hazy view of Ares' scowling, black-haired framed face.

"You should tell him that," the distant voice, Cupid's voice, returned.

"Oh, he knows it." Ares took a rough hold of Caesar's chin. "Come out of it lover boy." He snapped fingers in front of Caesar's face until Caesar found the strength to push the annoying hand away and shakily sit up to glare at Cupid.

"See, he's fine." Cupid was idly plucking motes of dust from his feathers. "He just came so hard he passed out. Happens all the time."

Caesar was looking down at the sticky remains of what must have been a copious orgasm when a goblet of wine was shoved into his hands and Ares was suddenly across the room, backing Cupid up against the wall.

"You know he belongs to me," Ares spoke in dangerously measured tones, placing a hand on either side of Cupid's head and leaning forwards until their faces were barely an inch away. "Do you think you can do whatever you like to my mortals?"

Cupid's face was flushed but his brow was drawn in angry determination. "Your mortal tried to seduce me, Ares," he growled. "I'm not the one that needs to be taught a lesson."

Ares continued to hold Cupid's gaze as if he could make his son buckle into babbling for forgiveness by his mere proximity. After a few moments stalemate, Ares backed off half a step and allowed Cupid to slip away from the wall and stretch his wings.

"I've got an orgy I've got to be at," Cupid said quietly, folding his wings once more. "I did what you asked me to do in Sparta."

"Fine." Ares turned his back on Cupid. "You can go."

"Fine." Cupid disappeared in a subdued flash of light.

A sharp bark of Ares laughter made Caesar spill his wine, further staining his splattered thighs.

"That was too good!" Ares laughed, shaking his as he walked towards Caesar. "That's my boy. Isn't he great?" He grinned, motioning over his shoulder with one hand while offering the other to pull Caesar to his feet.

"Wonderful." Caesar stood on shaky legs and scoured the dull room for something to wipe himself off with.

"Don't be like that. You were great too." Ares continued to grin, his earring swinging cheerily. "Trying to seduce a love god. You are so much fun, you know that?"

"I knew you were watching." Caesar drew back from Ares' offered caress, walking unsteadily to the ash dark fireplace to retrieve his clothes.

"Oh, I know you knew." Ares appeared before Caesar, resting his hands on Caesar's shoulders to stop him from bending down to pick up his clothes. "That was part of the fun." He stopped grinning to catch his bottom lip between his teeth, his gaze running hungrily over Caesar's shivering body before he brought up his fingers to lightly caress Caesar's neck. White-hot bolts of arousal shot straight to Caesar's cock as Ares' hot tongue licked down his throat to gently nip at his collarbone. "What am I going to do with you?" Ares' voice vibrated against the bone.

"Let me fuck you," Caesar hoarsed into the tangle of Ares' hair and was rewarded by a warm breath of laughter against his neck.

"Maybe later," Ares answered into Caesar's lips, sending another jolt of arousal to Caesar's heating cock.

A shiver ran up Caesar's length, prickling his sensitised flesh from the soles of his feet to his scalp, as Ares dropped slowly to his knees before him. He watched Ares pick up the light under tunic, felt the gentle wipes over his thighs and stomach, shuddered against the soft kisses that fell like rain upon one hipbone.

"He really fucked you over," Ares commented, and Caesar could hear the grin in the voice, feel the careful avoidance of his begging cock.

"Better than you ever have." Caesar watched as Ares stilled his ministrations, his dark head tipping to the side so its previously freely swinging earring fell flat against the taut muscle of his neck. "But he is a love god after all. How can we expect you to compete?" He smirked when Ares' ebony eyes settled upon him.

"One of these days you'll push me too far." Ares casually wrapped a cool hand around Caesar's cock, jerking it for few hard squeezes that stole Caesar's breath while he stood up.

"Strange," Caesar gasped into Ares' steady gaze. "Cupid said much the same thing before we fucked." He ran his fingers down either side of the studded leather collar of Ares' vest. "I don't think your son likes you spending so much time playing with mortals."

"Mortals like you, you mean?" Ares grasped Caesar's hands and pushed them under his vest, placing one on each of his hardened nipples.

"He seemed rather put out by your constant visits to Corinth." Caesar rubbed and teased the hot flesh under his fingers. The ache in his cock was building in intensity each time Ares leaned further into his touch. "I'd watch out for him around your little Corinthian whore in the future." He pinched Ares' nipples as hard as he could. Ares' head snapped back and Caesar was suddenly pressed against hot, hard, naked god.

"Cupid wouldn't dare touch Iphicles," Ares hissed, rubbing his searing cock into Caesar's stomach. "He just likes teaching lessons to Roman cock sluts like you."

"Jealous?" Caesar grabbed hold of Ares' engorged cock; squeezing and rubbing it briskly as he eased Ares back against the cold fireplace. "Were you watching us?" He bit Ares' left nipple, drawing a light flow of blood that he immediately suckled. "Did you stroke yourself? Did you come when I did?" He licked the abused nipple, savouring the taste of god's blood, and increasing the speed and strength of his strokes as Ares' tense body began shuddering to its climax. "Or did you come with Cupid?" The words had barely left his mouth when Ares' breath caught and the straining cock in his hands jerked to shoot all over his hand, stomach and cock.

"Damn, that was good," Ares gasped into Caesar's hair while Caesar fervently rubbed Ares' seed onto his aching cock until it mingled and dripped to the floor with his own seeping fluid.

"And it's only going to get better," Caesar promised hoarsely, his voice ragged with lust as he eased Ares' legs apart then took Ares' lush mouth in a harsh invasive kiss that was returned with such enthusiasm he almost came where he stood.

"Cupid didn't come for you." Ares leaned back, putting his elbows on the fireplace's ledge as he wrapped his legs around Caesar's waist. "He shot his load all over the inside of his pants when I materialised."

"I didn't know you two were fucking." Caesar was light-headed as he kissed Ares' chest, stroked the smooth skin of Ares' back, and guided himself into position to enter Ares' body.

"We're not." The muscles along Ares' back twitched as Caesar began to push into him. "He's my kid," Ares groaned and Caesar slipped easily into his slick heat with a surprised grunt of pleasure, despite the impossibly increased pounding in his cock. "It's a love and war thing. God stuff." Ares tightened himself around Caesar's length and Caesar began to thrust desperately, viciously, into the body surrounding him. His fingers digging into Ares' ribs, Caesar realised his climax was approaching all too soon with the hypnotising sight of Ares writhing above him, thrashing as he clamped down on each of Caesar's thrusts. It was too much. Caesar felt his knees begin to buckle, then Ares suddenly cried out: spurting hot seed between their thrusting bodies and squeezing Caesar's cock so hard he echoed Ares' cry and exploded his release into the hungry body devouring him.

"We have a deal, then. You'll take your slaughter to another village."

Propped up on one elbow upon a low couch, Caesar was resting from the day's activities and did not look up at the sound of Cupid's voice; he merely paused in the peeling of his apple long enough to re-arrange his blue robe over his reclined form. "You fucking me senseless was not part of the deal, Cupid." He let the intact length of peel fall onto the triangle of imperial purple couch padding by his stomach.

"It was the only way to get him in the mood to let you fuck him. That was what you wanted. That was what you got. Don't play games with me, mortal."

"I'm not playing games." Licking the apple juice from his fingers, Caesar finally looked up at Cupid and took note of the tightly folded arms and wings. "I am pointing out that I was not entirely satisfied by the execution of your plan."

Cupid's answering laugh was hollow. "You still think Ares would have let you up his ass anyway, don't you? You really believe you could have done this without my help." He shook his head and all signs of his fake mirth disappeared. "You wouldn't have gotten your rancid cock within an inch of him. I know my father."

"But not as well as you'd like." Caesar smirked. "Don't pretend you didn't get anything out of this sordid little affair, Cupid. I saw how you reacted to Ares. Did you enjoy using me as your psuedo-cock?"

A rush of air, a wisp of a feather caress, and Cupid was right there, snarling in Caesar's face. "You better not be thinking of reneging on our deal, mortal."

"What is so special about that village?" Caesar's gaze narrowed as he studied Cupid's scowl, ignoring his reaction to this intoxicating closeness. "Don't tell me you've promised to keep a few peasant lovers safe for eternity or something equally as tiresome?"

"I keep my promises," Cupid returned, his voice menacingly low.

"Very well," Caesar sighed, cutting off a small piece of apple. "I'll take another village for my example."

"Good." Cupid straightened and took a step back.

"What about Iphicles?" Caesar spoke before Cupid could flash away.

"What about him?" Cupid's jaw clenched as his gaze searched Caesar's face.

"You know he's your father's favourite. Aren't you going to do something about that?"

Cupid's wings rustled. "Iphicles is not my concern." He flashed out so brightly pink spots danced before Caesar's eyes.

"Just keep telling yourself that." Caesar smirked.

The End