Beta Readers

The beta readers listed here are all volunteers, and have not passed any test to get the job.  If you don't like the response you get, feel free to contact another reader.  Remember, too, that different readers have different reading styles, so it may take some trial and error to find someone compatible.  If you'd like to volunteer as a beta-reader, contact Adrastea.

Suggested reading for writers: Beta Readers - Do You Need One? (What Should You Expect as Author & Beta?), and betas: The Diplomatic Critiquer.

Note: You must be a member of the Ksares mailing list either to use this service or to be a beta-reader.

Strong on plot and characterization, not perfect on the grammatical aspects but improving all the time.  I will be truthful but kind, fairly diplomatic and will respect the author's sensibilities at all times.

Will read slash or het, even gen if the plot's intriguing.  Prefer working with authors who let me know in advance what they want: anything from a quick read through for grammar/usage errors to more intense review for characterization, plot, consistency.