Fairy Unexpected Vacation

Fairy Unexpected Vacation 1 by Oshun Anat

Gilded scrolls sailed through the perfect blue skies of Olympuseach one hell bent on reaching its owner as fast as it can.

The one meant for Ares was so determined that instead of  waitingto land gently in Aresí hand, it settled for smacking the war god in theback and knocking over said now pissed off war God.

"What the fuck? Not another stupid scroll!"

The scroll tried to look indignant, but quickly gave up after realizingit had no facial features. Instead, it unrolled and presented the followingmessage:

"Message Beings
Subject: The Coming Two Weeks
To Whom It May Concern:

Due to a not-so recent infestation of fairies that has annoyed all ofus to no end, it has been decided that the time has come to take mattersinto our own hands. These fairies shall be caught and released back ontothe mortal realm so that they may spend their time bothering humans insteadof us. Artemis and her entourage will be working in conjunction with Gaeato coordinate the effort to capture these rogue pests. By their estimates,it will two weeks for this project to be completed.

The removal of these pests must be started at sundown so that we maycatch them when they are at their weakest. Since the team will need accessto all temples at any given time, all gods must stay off Olympus whilethe project is in progress."

"Oh Gods no!" Ares moaned, he hated having to stay on earth forextended periods of time, too many bad memories of being mortal.

The scroll ignored his outburst and kept relaying its contents.

"For those of you, like Ares, who hate staying on Earth, do nottry to sneak into your temple. All temples will be shielded by Me, andonly those authorized by Artemis will be able to penetrate them."

Blank space started filling the scroll for a few lines, letting thenews sink in before the second part of message started to play.

"It has come to my attention that many of the members of the Twelvehas been more touchy and moody than normal. (Ares, Apollo, Aphrodite, Ido mean you). As my lovely wife has pointed out, it can not bode well forrespect by the mortals if we so much as snap at them for merely existing(Ares, this means you)."  The scroll dodged a fireball and with asomehow triumphant posture kept going. "In order to combat this, I herebydecree an enforced vacation of all Olympian personal, save thoseworking on the fairy removal project. During the two week period no godmay:

1)  Come in contact with their High Priest(ess)
2)  Interfere with mortal affairs. Mortals are old enough now,they should be able to manage for a few weeks on their own, if they canít,we have problems.
3)  Stay in their own temple. This is to prevent any temptationsof doing work during this period. You may stay in any other mortal residence,or in the temples of other gods, provided you are properly disguised.

Each God(dess) is expected to:

1)  Relax as much as possible
2)  Get laid, if not a virgin Goddess. We all know that thosewho are regularly fucked tend to be much better to be around.

The remaining details of your stay on earth are up to you and I sincerelyhope you use this time to take a respite I know that many of you so desperatelyneed. Violators of either mandate will be severally punished at such timewhen the fairy removal is complete.


Message Terminates
Repeat Message? (y/n)"

Ares looked at the proud little scroll. "If you donít get out of mysight in two seconds I swear I'll burn each fiber of you separately aftertearing you into a million pieces."

The scroll disappeared.

"A vacation? I suppose I've earned one. And I'll finally get to spendsome time with my loverÖlots and lots of time. After all, Zeus did sayto get laid, didn't he?" He laughed.  "He wants me to have sex, I'llhave lots and lots of sex.  I'll have so much sex, he'll be jealousof me. Oh yeah. This is going to be fun."

With a wicked grin, he flashed off of Olympus and into the middle ofa busy palace, ignoring the stares of the startled nobility and servants.

With a wicked leer, he asked, "Hey lover. Wanna fuck?"

Vacation Tails by Lorna

The sudden cessation of sound in the throne room of the palacemade Ares' ears ring. Every single eye in the room turned towards him andthe faces of councilers and citizens alike reflected shock. And just abit of awe. Only one face remained impassive, and Ares was impressed withIphicles' restraint.

"In case you haven't noticed Ares, I'm a bit busy here. Today is theday I hear citizen complaints, remember?"

"Yeah, well don't let me stop you." Ares crossed his arms over his chestand assumed a stance of wide-legged belligerence. He was enjoying the sensationhe was creating. He had no intention of breaking Zeus' edict on interferingwith mortal affairs, though, so he knew he had to let Iphicles do his work."It's not you I'm here for anyway, so you can get your cute little assback to work."

Iphicles' face finally mirrored his subjects' expressions. "Then who,what? Okay, I don't get it. Who else would you be here for?"

The servants and advisors were all looking around the room along withIphicles to see if they could figure out who Ares' lover might be. Severalof Iphicles' soldiers looked nervous, but Iphicles seemed to scoff at theidea that they could distract Ares from him. Iphicles scanned the chamber,and his eyes widened as they lit on one very still figure. Ares could pinpointthe exact moment Iphicles worked it out, because his expression arrangeditself into a thunderous scowl.

"Oh you've got to be joking!"

"What, you didn't think you were the only lover I had, did you?"

"No, but, gods above Ares, do you have to work so hard to keep it allin the family?"

Every head in the room swiveled to where Hercules sat looking at thefloor as if it held all the secrets of the universe. Ares grinned hugelyas he took in the Herc's flaming red face and twisting hands. Ares glancedback at a thoroughly bemused Iphicles and titled his hips forward in alewd gesture.

"If you really want to keep it all in he family you can dismiss thiscrowd and join us."

A strangled noise erupted from Hercules, and Ares turned in time tosee him bolt from his seat and make for the door like his ass was on fire.Ares made a mock repentant face. "Whoops. Guess I made him mad. Lucky foryou he didn't start the usual fight, huh? We could have really torn itup in here."

"You are some piece of work Ares." Iphicles shook his head. "What areyou really up to?" Trust Iphicles to look for an ulterior motive.

Ares sauntered over to Iphicles and sprawled on the steps of the thronedais. "I'm not up to anything. Well, not like you mean. I'm on vacation.I have been instructed to get laid. Figured I had a better chance herethan I did at Caesar's place."

"Yeah, fucking Caesar is out. The price is too high. Are you reallyscrewing Hercules too?" Iphicles shifted in his chair. "I can't believeI just asked that. Look, why don't you just go after him and get out ofhere before you discredit me, or him, anymore."

Ares waved a hand. "Oh none of these courtiers of yours will rememberthis little discussion." Indeed, the room began to buzz with conversationagain immediately, as arguments about trade routes and army provisionsresumed where they had left off. "See? Not a problem. And yes I reallyam. Hey don't look so shocked. Passion is passion, and you know me. Fightingleads to fucking. Want to know what I think?"

"No but I'm sure you'll tell me."

Not a single soul was paying them any attention anymore, so Ares allowedhimself the indulgence of touch. He leaned against Iphicles' leg and startedstroking his thigh. His voice dropped to roughsmooth rumble. "I think youlike the idea. I think I should go find Hercules and you should come withme. Haven't you always wondered what it would be like? I bet it used tokeep you awake at night when you were kids. And now, now don't you justwant to see what it would take to shake him out of that self-sacrificinggood little boy facade? Don't you want to see him go wild, all sweat andstrength? You should see him when he comes, Iphicles.  He's almostas beautiful as you."

He lingered over the last words, petting the spot just below Iphicles'crotch through the cloth covering it. When Ares looked up to gauge Iphicles'reaction, he found a flushed face and dilated eyes. Iphicles' breath flowedrapidly in and out, and his tongue flicked out to wet his lips. Ares inhaledIphicles' musk and smiled, slow and sly.

"Think we oughta go look for Hercules?"

Iphicles nodded and leaned forward to kiss Ares, tongue thrusting inhard and deep. "Yeah, I think that would be a really good idea."

One Hell of a Vacation by Christine

Hercules ran out of Iphicles' place as fast as his legs could carryhim. He had thought, actually believed, that Ares would keep his promiseand not let anyone know about their 'relationship'.  He relly shouldhave listened to his inner voice that told him he couldn't trust Ares withthis.

Once he got outside, he ran through the city looking for some place,any place to go that Ares wouldn't be able to find him.

As he continued on his way, wherever it was he thought he was going,he came upon Cupid's temple.  He thought for sure this would be thelast place Ares would think to look for him in.

Knowing his nephew had a few private rooms, Hercules walked throughthe temple.  Before he could walk more than a few feet, there wasa bright flash.  Hoping to Zeus, it wasn't Ares, he cautiously turnedand found Cupid standing behind him, with his hands on his hips. Cupid didn't look very happy.

"What are you doing here?  You're not gonna trash the place,are you?"

Hercules opened his mouth, but he wasn't sure what he could say so closedhis mouth and started to head back out into the streets.

Cupid raised an eyebrow before he flashed out and flashed back in infront of Hercules. "I asked you a question. I don't like being ignoredyou know."

Paradise by Narcissus

"Tell you what.  I don't know what's got your loincloth insuch a twist, but I'll just come along with you.  I've gotta leavemy temple anyhow."  Cupid moved to the side and gestured with a sweepof his hand for Hercules to precede him down the temple steps to the streetoutside.

Hercules really didn't want godly company, but at least Cupid had changedthe subject.  "Why do you have to leave your temple?  I mean,it's yours, right?"

Cupid fell in beside Hercules as they joined the crowd heading for themarketplace.  "Zeus has decided it's time for some fairy delousing,so while the girls do their work, we're ordered to go on vacation. We're not supposed to do any work, and we are supposed to get laid." He grinned lasciviously.

Hercules could feel himself start to blush.  And he didn't likethe look Cupid was giving him, as if measuring him for a godly sex toy. "Don't look at me!  I've got enough troubles.  The last thingI need is another go-" Hercules felt his face grow even hotter.

"Ah.  So that's the deal.  Ares got the vacation order too,so he headed here looking for you.  But why're you hiding?  It'snot like he hasn't been fucking you silly for weeks."

Anger flowed into Herc's veins, burning away his embarrassment. "That no good blabbermouth grandson of a Titan.  He just had to goand tell everybody, didn't he?  When I find him, I'm going to shovea fist down his throat."  Hercules turned and started back towardthe palace.

"Hey, man, far be it from me to stop a fight, but he didn't have totell me.  Knowing who's fucking whom is part of my job description,you know."  Cupid's wings beat the air as he flew just above the groundto keep pace with Hercules' long-legged stride.  "If you do catchup with him, he's likely to want you to put that fist somewhere else. Know what I mean?  Do you think I  could watch?  That soundslike a good vacation pastime to me."

"You gods are just disgusting.  I wish you'd all go on holidayforever and leave us --especially me -- alone."  Hercules couldn'twait to get back to the palace.  Everybody knew.  He'd make Arespay for this.

"Hey!  I just thought of something.  None of us are supposedto do our jobs during this vacation thing.  And we're all supposedto try to get laid.  But my job is fucking and getting people laid. Do you think I'm still allowed to get laid?"

Hercules shut out Cupid's mutterings as best he could.  Maybe ifhe ignored Cupid, Cupid would fly away and crash into a mountainside. That would leave only one god to deal with today.  And he knew exactlywhat he wanted to do to Ares.


"Damn!"  Hephaestus hurled his hammer at the offending scroll. Just his luck.  The accursed scroll ducked at the precise moment,so his hammer crashed into the wall and split the rock.  A rumblingsomewhere overhead told him he'd probably caused structural damage.

When he'd first read the scrolled message, he'd thought everything wouldbe okay.  His workshop really wasn't a temple in the usual sense ofthe word.  But someone had included a special postscript in the scrolldirected specifically to him.  He was ordered to leave his workshop,his sanctuary.  He was ordered not to construct, invent, experiment,or design for the duration of this enforced vacation.

Just what did they expect him to do?  His work was his life. He hated going among mortals.  As much as his family might make funof his scars and his limp, at least they weren't new to them.  Goingamong mortals meant exposing himself to their curious, then pitying, stares. Some vacation.

A slight rush of sensation up his spine and the scent of jasmine announcedthe arrival of his wife.  Now there's what he'd do.  He and 'Ditecould spend some quality time together.  He had been ordered to getlaid after all.

"Hi, sweetykins!"  As he turned, 'Dite planted a tender kiss onhis lips.  "Isn't this vacation business something?  I can'tbelieve they accused me of being a grouch.  Do you really think I'vebeen organizing too many orgies?"  As 'Dite released an exasperatedsigh, her bosom quivered dramatically.

Hephaestus felt a stirring in his groin and decided this vacation thingwasn't a bad idea.  "So, where do you want to go," he asked, puttinghis arm around Dite's slender shoulders.  The position gave him anentrancing view of her lovely breasts.

"Oh, babe!  I can't go with you.  I'm sorry."  'Ditekissed him again, then moved out of his reach. "There's this sculptor who'sdying to do a new statue of me, and I promised I'd pose for him. You don't really mind, do you?  This sculptor is, like, awesome, soI just know the statue will capture the real me.  It's so importantthat the mortals get the right image so they can worship me properly."

'Dite gave him the crooked smile, seasoned with a few flutters of herlong eyelashes, that he could never resist.  Of course he minded. But he'd never been very good at saying no to his wife, and it looked likehe wasn't going to start now.

Some of his disappointment must have registered on his face because'Dite flew back to his arms and covered his face with kisses.  "Poorbaby!  I know you'll miss me, but you could still have fun. I know!  Why don't you go hang with Herc and Iolaus?  You likethem, and you could go fishing or something.  Herc's at his brother'spalace in Corinth.  I think Iolaus is going to meet him there. That's just perfect!  It's all settled then."

She gave him another long kiss, then stepped back and vanished in aswirl of petals.  This was so like her: flash into his life, arrangethings to her satisfaction, and disappear again before he could even saya word.

Depressed, Hephaestus reached for his cloak.  It was nothing fancy,just dark brown, sturdy cloth, but at least it had a substantial hood tohide his face.  There was, of course, no way to disguise his limp. He took one final look around his crowded workshop.  He had so manyprojects he wanted to be working on.  But he had no choice. He would go to Corinth and look up Hercules.  That, at least, wouldbe better than trying to fit in with ordinary mortals.


Iphicles hurried along one of the palace's back corridors, nodding inacknowledgment of the servants he met along the way.  He hoped histunic hid his erection.  He and Ares had decided to split up in theirsearch for Hercules.  The ideas Ares had whispered to him, about whatthey would do to Herc when they found him, what they would do together,were enormously arousing.  Trust Ares to have a thing for fuckingbrothers.  Well, Ares might be a pervert, but at least he was Iphicles'pervert.  Some of the time.

He was so engrossed in his fantasies of what it would be like to haveHerc sucking his cock while Ares fucked Herc from the rear that he failedto notice the brown-cloaked figure materializing in front of him. He crashed into a very solid body, and they went down together in a heap.

Iphicles found himself lying on top of a well-muscled chest and staringinto a face that would have been startlingly handsome if not for a lividscar that tracked down one side of the man's face.  Iphicles startedto get up but the feel of his erect cock cradled against the man's groinheld him still.  He could feel the other man's cock starting to stretchtoward him through the folds of heavy cloth.  Lying on top of thisman sent a strange tingling sensation all through his body, reminding himof what it felt like to be pressed against Ares' hard body.

He stared down into the man's face while his mind raced to make senseof what he was feeling.  The man stared back at him, as if mesmerized by what he was seeing.

"You can't be Ares," the man whispered.  "But you look so muchlike him."

Something clicked together in Iphicles' mind.  He smiled down atthe face beneath him.  "Yet another brother, I presume."

Skin by Thamiris

While Iphicles gave Hephaestus language instructions (emphasison Greek and French), Hermes pranced, scowling, through his temple.  It started when Marsyas, the celebrated, hoof-footed flute player, stolehis favorite toy.   Marsyas, that sly satyr, whose flute-playingskill apparently translated to magical, musical blow jobs that had Apollo,his beautiful, reasonable, temperate Apollo, howling at the moon.

It's not that Hermes wanted to play his own tune on his brother's...youknow...his brother's thing.   They were gods, not animals slurpingand slobbering like Cerberus at an ossuary, dripping and leaking like oldrain clouds.   Repulsive.   Bestial.   Justlike Zeus, really, and who wanted to be like him?   Sure, Hermesloved Apollo, but their relationship was properly divine, with a littlekissing, a dab of rubbing, clean and neat, nothing mussed, portrait-readyfor any sculptor with a slab of marble.

Except now Apollo pumped into Marsyas' mouth like he was watering hisfavorite medicinal herbs, purple and throbbing, blond hair pasted overhis eyes, body oily with liquid ichor.   When Hermes had approachedhim, tugging on the tunic pushed high over his eager brother's hips, Apollohad told him to beat it.   Him!   The prettiest boy-godever to grace Olympus.   Everyone said so, and he preened, flutteringthe tiny white feathers that sprung from his well-turned ankles.  It wasn't enough.   Apparently beauty and charm were no matchfor a furry-balled flute player (whose actual playing, it must be saidin all honesty, lulled nightingales to sleepy song and flowers to growwith added luster.  In times of overheated youthful passion, suchthings were filed somewhere between patience and generosity).

Pouting with a self-conscious sweetness, unhappily ignored, Hermes evenstole a dozen of Apollo's sacred cows.   His brother didn't evennotice!   It was all very mortifying.   Even worse,the whole family knew he'd been replaced by that horny magic-mouthed satyr.  Aphrodite, between her orgy organization, called Apollo "the far shooterof the silver bow," and giggled behind her hand, while Dionysus, betweendrunken hiccups, insisted that Marsyas, a regular come-vessel, sloshedwhen he walked.   They'd all taken to spying on the pair, perchedhigh in oak branches disguised as owls and peacocks, behind mossy bouldersas deer and foxes, doing what Artemis called celebrating rosy dawn.  When Hermes tried to reclaim some of that wandered attention by singingin his rainbow voice, they actually shushed him, telling him to go andplay with Ganymede, as though he were a child.

Well, Hermes wasn't, not anymore, not for the last few winters.  His hair had come in everywhere, and his balls had dropped (smooth andpale pink, with a cluster of tiny gold curls soft as a rabbit's fur, notlike that wretched red-balled satyr, with his grotesque thatch of blackwool, and his grotesque thing that stuck out a foot while he blew Apollo'smore discreet instrument).   No, unlike that accident of nature,Hermes was perfect.   Every mirror reflective pool from Thessalyto Cythera confirmed it, showing smooth golden limbs and wide eyes so bluethat even he gasped at their beauty.

The gods' fawning over that ridiculous man-beast had to stop, and Apollo'sfascination with him revived.   But how?   His brother'slust still raged like a common barn blaze.   With a start, terriblyunused to new ideas, Hermes, one hand curled for balance around the giltedge of his scrying pool, wondered for the first time if Apollo had hiddenthat side to keep from shocking him.

Furious, he stamped a sandaled foot, which broke through the amethystfloor of his temple, nearly severed the delicate feathers on his heels.  Tiny chirps came from the glimmering hole, and, bending, Hermes saw frightenedgold-dusted faces no bigger than his thumb.   The fairy infestation.  He'd forgotten, barely noticing the subsequent flurry events in Corinthespecially, where Ares was stirring up trouble, as usual.   Betterclear out or there'd be Tartarus to pay.   Gaea was an earthgoddess, and a pretty face only went so far with her.

"Wait!" called a voice like a bluebell.   "If you fix thefloor and don't tell anyone we're hidden here, we'll help you."

"How can you possibly help me?"

"We hear things.   Like how Apollo is running around withthat horse-man and his horrible hooves.  Just last week he crushedIxion with them.   So we'll tell you how to win your brotherback."

"Go on," Hermes said.  He extended his finger, and the leader,a girl with an acorn cap and cobweb wings, danced onto it, lighter thana moth.

"Apollo can't go back to what you had.   He's had a tasteof something new.   Or, to be accurate, it's had a taste of him."

"Ouch!"   The words skinned something inside him.  His heart?   It had always behaved before.   "So I'velost him."   He experienced a crushing weight above his ribs.  Pain?

The fairies all shrieked as a tear splashed down on them.  A wizened old man with opaque wings and bright yellow eyes sneezed excitedly,burying his nose in a cloth the size of a pinhead.

"Sorry.   You'd better take cover.  I think there aremore."  Hermes proved it with a mini flood.

"Crying won't help," the fairy told him.   "You need to giveApollo what he wants.   See, you're not speaking the same language."

"Even if I wanted to, I don't know how.   I've never playeda flute in my life."

She exhaled impatiently, sending a whisper of dewdrop-scented breathtoward him.   "You need to learn how to be an animal."

"You want me to go find a satyr?   But they're nasty, dirtycreatures.   I couldn't.   I just couldn't..."

"If you'd shut up for a second and listen to me, I'd explain."

Outraged by this fairy rudeness, he opened his mouth, then, with a glimmerof better judgment, shut it.  "Talk."

"I've heard of a pair of beautiful brothers who can teach you all youneed.   They're mortal, no hooves, but they were raised by awolf, and rumor has it they're the best..."   She coughed delicately.  "...The best flute players around."

Hermes remembered Apollo's wolfish howls of delight, and recognizedsymmetry when he saw it.   Clapping gleefully, he sang, "Perfect!  How do I find them?"

"They're called Remus and Romulus, and they live in a wonderful citycalled Rome, high on a hill.   Tell them who you are and whatyou want, and I guarantee they'll offer to help you, no questions asked."

Did she smirk?   No matter.   He had a mission now.

* * * *

The floor fixed and the fairies safe, Hermes, anxious but determined,left his temple to stand on a cloud, tilting his nose in the wind.  The smell of newly-dug soil, sculpted marble and rampant nationalism reachedhim at once, and in a sizzle of ether, he went to the new city, materializingbefore a wonderful palace with jutting columns, crescent steps, and anenormous statue of a snarling wolf, all of a marble so fresh and whiteit looked covered in pearl.   The only color came from the potsbrimming with huge pink flowers, the blue water of the central fountain,and the red feathers waving in the sentries' helmets

"No animals could live here," Hermes said happily.   Not withthe careful geometry of this place, the whiff of order beneath the strongscent of newness.   This wouldn't be so bad.   He'dlearn a few tricks, then return to Apollo, and everything would be thesame.   Like a puppy, he gave a shake, which locked every softgold curl into place, every fold in his pale blue tunic, then walked upthe stairs to the main building, invisible now, and perfect.   His eyes half-open, lulled by the strong crisp lines, he imagined the palace'sinterior, surely like a god's, all shining jeweled floors, bright mosaicsand ivory furniture.

Massive doors separated him from his new friends, and he walked throughthem, insubstantial as the wind, the bronze rippling through his flesh...

The heat hit first, a solid raw punch of it, so that his divine lungsstrained to capture unliquified air, then the smell, smoky and humid, likehe'd stepped into an animal's den.   Most startling were thewalls, free of mosaics and frescoes, covered instead in--surely it wasn't?--softsilver fur, thick and long as sheaves of wheat, but infinitely silkier,floor to ceiling, so that not a single gleam of marble shone anywhere.  So much for boyish expectations.

"I'm in the belly of a wolf," he muttered, perplexed, then realizedthe belly wouldn't be so sleek and furry.   "On the back of one,then."   It so disturbed him that Hermes almost left then andthere, gave up his beloved Apollo for good.   Then he thoughtof those rough hooves planted in the soil, Marsyas' face planted in Apollo'scrotch, and decided at least to explore.   First, he kicked offhis sandals, as though the fur beneath his feet belonged to a living, breathinganimal.   Squinting against the musky air, Hermes set forward,treading carefully, listening for any telltale growls.

A few steps took him down a narrow corridor (a leg?), and he followedit, trailing his hand along the silky side, stroking.   Was thata rumble under his fingers?   He paused, head cocked, and hearda fuller sound, two voices together, not singing, lower and deeper, a differentsort of music.   A prayer.   The voices led him furtherinto the grey animal mist, pulled him through that warm, caressing fur. Hermes realized he'd discarded his tunic only when his own panting breathsthreatened to drown the other noise, as the fur wound between his thighsand rubbed like a cat.   Or, he supposed, like the nuzzling snoutof a great wolf.

A few more turns, and, purring, he found the source:  two youngmen handsome as gods, one light, one dark, tangled together in a tiny wombof a chamber.   For a long moment neither noticed him, too busysucking each other, ferocious and intent, their  skin slippery withsaliva.

Hermes decided to demand their attention, since he was a god after all.  Turning manifest, waiting for awe, he gave his name, then added, "I wantyou to teach me how to play--"

In a blur of white teeth and green eyes, they leapt, and Hermes, figuringit was an animal thing and willing to martyr himself for the cause, letthem knock him back into the fur's warm embrace.   A...(callit a cock!) cock pushed into his mouth, then another butted in beside it,so he opened wider and accepted them both.   At first he stayedstill, his lips stretched around them , but an impatient growl and a squeezeof his balls shot his tongue forward, and he licked skin sharply saltyand bitter.   A hand kept his head in place, so Hermes stayedwith it, licking until he decided the taste wasn't so bad, and followedthe path of growls, blows and pleasure to learn what worked.  Watch the teeth, a smack told him.   Lick harder under the head,a stroke of his cock instructed.

Eventually one of them pulled out of his mouth and thrust instead intoHermes' hand, a hot cock wet from his mouth, and he learned to play a wholenew song, teasing, rubbing, probing with his fingers until his ears hurtwith the howling.   A mouth clamped over his cock and startedto suck, so he rewarded the one on his tongue, sucking with greater vigor,daring to stroke the balls, then under them, which made Romulus? Remus? so wild with lust that Hermes kept stroking, even when, to his shock,his finger pushed inside the man's body.   Disgusting, but theexcited reaction encouraged him, and he learned where to press, where totickle, all the while thrusting his hips with an admittedly animalisticpleasure to fill the mouth that suckled him.   Marsyas beganto make sense.

There were more ways to skin a cat, and the brothers taught Hermes athird trick when they changed places and dark curls and a thicker cockreplaced the blond-haloed longer one.   With a tongue on hiscock, he found himself howling, but what replaced it was even better: tighter than Ares' hand around his sword or Hephaestus' around his anvil,Romulus' ass (he'd learned the difference when they moaned the other'sname) performed things on his cock that even he, a god, couldn't name.  They taught him a new word, "Fuck," which he used instead whenever hismouth was free, and repeated it often, like when the first finger slidinside him, or the hot tongue.

He loved the word, which seemed to say so much, even naming this strangeand painful emptiness he noticed when the tongue and fingers abandonedhis ass.   "Fuck!"  he shouted insistently, and repeatedit, knowing they would understand, even when he didn't.   Itwas an animal thing, and Remus gave in to it, bending Hermes' knees untilthey pressed against his nipples.   Hermes couldn't see this,of course, with Romulus thrusting rhythmically into his mouth, only feltthe pressure in his joints, then another pressure-- "Fuck!"--as the bigblunt head of Remus' cock pushed into him, eased by the saliva.

A hand stroked him, and the cock...the cock fucked him, yes, that'swhat it was, the cock fucked him gloriously hard, right up his ass, banginginto him while someone jerked him off and that big juicy cock fucked hismouth, and he sucked and stroked and licked and thrust and moaned and writheduntil they were all one in the wolf's belly, until he was the wolf, andthen...

"Fuck!"   The loudest one yet, special, as Remus filled hisass with a river of come, and he shot his own into the air, onto fur andskin, in a goddamn sonofabitch fantastic fuck of an orgasm, scorching ballsof pleasure that nearly ripped his fucking cock off.   "Guess I'm a fucking animal now," Hermes said sleepily, as Romulus mountedhim.

* * * *

To be sure that his skin had thickened, Hermes stayed a month, fuckingin a thousand positions, being fucked in a thousand more, sometimes byboth of them, sometimes by one (even for incestuous, wolf-raised brothers,duty called).   By the end, he could make them come with thebarest touch of his tongue or finger, a single well-aimed thrust of hiscock.   As a reward, Hermes taught them some laws that he'd learnedfrom Apollo, then left them curled up on the soft grey fur, suckling eachother.

Hungry now, his lips drawn back to show sharp white teeth, Hermes materializedbeside Apollo's favorite river, where, as expected, his brother was leaningback against a tree, his legs spread wide, while Marsyas, satyr-slut tothe wise one, licked and sucked.

"Amateur," Hermes said with a sniff, and shoved his rival away.  Then, for good measure, kicked him in the gonads.

Marsyas left, whimpering.

Apollo's cock in his mouth was so sweet that Hermes came on the spot,and came again when Apollo went limp and burst inside his mouth.

"Hermes," he moaned.   "How did you...?  I never thought...Ialways wanted..."

While Apollo was on his back, framed by grass and yellow flowers, Hermesstraddled him and took his brother's cock hard up his ass, twisting andturning for maximum pleasure.   It was better than ever, becausehe could see Apollo's blue eyes go wide, saw his brother fall in love withhim as he rode his cock.
They came again, and off in the distance Hermes heard the melancholicstrains of a flute.   "Bastard thinks he's better than you,"he told Apollo.   "No one's better than you."   ThenHermes switched to the language of love:   "Fuck me, harder,"and "Fuck, yes, there, you beautiful bastard."

* * * *

Hermes fell asleep under the tree, on ground so wet with come it lookedcovered in pearl.   As the sun snuck west, he woke with a start,reaching for Apollo, shivering a little in the cool air.

"I'm here," his brother said, crouching at his side.   "I'vebrought you something, so you'll be warm."    And, verygently, Apollo covered him with Marsyas' softly-furred skin. 

Well, What Can You Say? by Jenn M

In the month that Hermes was off learning what it meant to be afucking animal, things got much hotter in Corinth.

Ares had run into Cupid and Herc together. At first Hercules was tooangry to listen to Ares. In fact he proceeded to beat the Tartarus outof him. Ares allowed his brother to knock him about for so long beforeknocking Hercules' ass to the ground.

The demi-god struggled in vain as the War God straddled him, pinningHercules beneath his leather-clad legs. Ares allowed Hercules to swearand call him every vile name in the book before shoving his tongue downHerc's throat.

Ares' lips on his mouth was all it took for Hercules to forget his anger.His cock took over blocking all other thoughts. It didn't matter that theywere lying in the middle of a busy village square. All that mattered waseasing the lust that had taken hold.

Cupid had stopped his chattering and looked back for his companion.He was startled to see that Ares had popped in and he and Herc were throwingpunches at him. The Love god knew he wasn't suppose to do his job but couldn'tresist the temptation. After all Zeus said for them to get laid. He'd justhelp Ares get his and maybe get alittle for himself in the process.

Instead of the usual arrow, Cupid opted instead for a sprinkling ofglittery dust. It had the desired effect of putting the two brawlers ina heightened state of lust. Always the voyeur Cupid sat back and watchedthe show.

With the wave of a hand Ares removed all traces of clothing from theirbodies. Forcing Herc's legs up to his stomach, Ares plunged in. Harderand harder he pumped. Hercules bit into the soft flesh of his lips, whilewhimpers of pleasure emanated from him.

Startled passerbyers gave the strange man a wide berth. They didn'tsee the dark haired stud fucking him. All they saw was a naked man, legspressed against his chest and him whimpering and groaning loudly.

Cupid on seeing the reactions of the onlookers couldn't help castinga bit more dust in to the air. He knew Zeus would have a hissy fit but,he couldn't resist.  Before long there was naked, thrusting, groaningpeople all about the village square. Man and woman, woman and woman, manand man, daresay even a man and goat.

Cupid sat back and enjoyed the action. He lost count of the number oftimes his own cock found release by his hand. He didn't know how long thefuck fest would continue , but he'd enjoy every delicious moment.

Meanwhile back at the palace Hephestus and Iphicles were getting toknow one another better.

All's Well That Ends Well (Sort of) Or, Tails, and Fairies and Gods, OhMy!  by Toridon

It amazed Iphicles how much Hephaestus tasted like Ares. Smoked Ares, true, he thought as he caught drops of musky pearled wetnesson his tongue, but the similarity was undeniable.  It filled his mouthas completely, and went in as deeply, as Ares did, and Iphicles gave himselfup to the sensation of the thick cockhead massaging the inside of his throat. As he trailed his fingers over the scars on the god's chest, Hephaestusgroaned hoarsely, and Iphicles began to scratch his nails against the striationsthat were strangely erotic, a contoured landscape of stripes that flushedredder as deeper, more frenzied sounds reached Iphicles' ears.

"Fuck you.  Want to fuck you," Heph rasped breathlessly, his handssqueezing and pulling at the king's hair.

"Yeah.  We can do that."  Iphicles kneeled and felt himselfimpaled, the cock so wet from his mouth that it slid home in a second.


"This was not exactly what I had in mind, grandson."

Cupid jumped and turned guilty eyes toward Zeus.  "Granddad! I was just ... Well, you told me to take a vacation and I ..."  Hestopped and took a deep breath.  "What?"

Zeus shook his head grimly.  "Were you not specifically told tocease and desist interfering with the mortals, at least for the durationof this enforced vacation?"  He pointed a long finger toward the marketplacewhere the entire population of Corinth was engaged in various activitiesin groups of two and three, oblivious to everything but the cock in theirmouth or the pussy pounding against them.  "Care to explain that?"

"Uh.  Yeah.  They were horny?"  Cupid swallowed and stifleda giggle.  "It happens, you know."

Zeus grunted.

"Well, you know.  Oh, come on, Granddad!  They're having agood time, aren't they?"

Gray beard bobbing, he shook his head, and then stared curiously. "That's a goat."  He looked back at Cupid.  "That's a goat. You sprinkled the livestock, too?"

"Well, the dust do fly when the wind blows, Gramps."  A large handcracked against the side of his face, knocking him to the ground. "Ow!"

"This is not a time for levity, Cupid.  I know exactly how preciseyour aim is with both your arrows *and* the dust.  How did this happen?"

"Don't know."  Cupid halted in mid-shrug, and his face got thoughtful. "Wait a minute.  Did you say all of Corinth?"

"Yes.  The whole city, even Athena's branch temple.  Noteto self:  I'll have to replace all her virgin priestesses with freshvirgins," he muttered, then turned narrowed eyes back to Cupid.  "Whydo you think I'm here?"

Cupid shook his head.  "No.  I only sprinkled this marketplace. I didn't do the whole city."

"Well, the whole city appears to be --"

"Infected," Cupid finished flatly, slapping his hand against a now-flatand empty love dust pouch.  They looked at each other.  "Sonofabitch!"


Six weeks later -- the length of time it took for Zeus and Cupid tocorral Artemis and her staff from frolicking in the forest with the stags,remove the nymphs and dryads from the mortals and satyrs they had gotteninto, extract gods from each other and various cooperative mortal and immortalbeings, and retrieve Hermes and Apollo (very thin, smelly and both wearingear-to-ear grins) from the subterranean cave where they had holed up (soto speak) -- the Twelve gathered in the main council chamber in the palaceon Mt. Olympus:  Ares and Aphrodite, Hephaestus and Poseidon, Dionysusand Demeter, Apollo and Artemis, Hades and Hera and Zeus.  And a hugelypregnant Athena.

All attention focused on a tiny being, some three inches high, who stoodwith imperial grace in the middle of the huge oval table.

Zeus cleared his throat.  "Oberon, we are willing to listen towhat you have to say."

Oberon gave a sneeringly superior smile.  "Of course you are. We still possess the bulk of the dust from your love god."

"Which, if we can come to terms, you will return to its rightful owner." Zeus shot Ares a warning glance, and the war god settled back in his chair.


"All of it."

Oberon examined the fingernails of his right hand carefully.  "Ifyou insist."

Zeus sighed.  "All right.  Give me your terms."  He deliberatelyturned sideways in his chair so as to avoid the sight of Athena busilyconsuming chocolate-soaked raw squid.

"We are not gods, but we are immortals.  And as such, we demandto be treated with the respect that state deserves, rather than as annoyanceswho 'infest' places."  His tiny voice vibrated with indignation, andhe paused a moment.  "We have existed for thousands of years, andwe do perform services that are necessary.  She can affirmthat I speak the truth."

Demeter inclined her head in a barely perceptible nod.  "He iscorrect."

"We insist that Olympus allow us to carry on our work, without interferencefrom those who regard us as insects" -- he looked pointedly first at Aphrodite,then at Athena -- "or pets" -- Hera averted her eyes from his -- "or especiallyas targets for fireballs."  He stomped across the table and glaredat Ares.  "What is so funny about fried fairy, anyway, I would justlike to know!"

Ignoring the slight growl that emanated through bared teeth, he walkednonchalantly back to the center and crossed his arms.  "Those aremy terms.  We are allowed to come and go as is necessary for the performanceof our work.  On earth and on Olympus.  And we will betreated with the respect that the dedication to that work deserves. Are we agreed?"

Zeus looked from one side of the table to the other.  Then he nodded. "We accept those terms."

"Thank you," Oberon said simply, and bowed at the waist gracefully. "We have a deal."

"Now.  Where is the remainder of Cupid's love dust?"

Oberon smiled and twaddled his fingers in Zeus' direction.  "Oh. That.  You can find that under the main amethyst floor tile in Hermes'temple.  The one he repaired to shield us after he found us hidingthere.  Ta!"

The fairy king vanished in a tiny tinkling flash of sparkles.

"Hermes?" Zeus said softly, drawing the two syllables of the name outlike taffy as his hands tightened on the scrolled chair arms.  "Hermes?"

"I've got work to do," Ares mumbled to no one in particular.  Hevanished in a puff of blue smoke that smelled of copper.

"Like, me, too."  Aphrodite disappeared through pink glitter, immediatelyfollowed by Cupid.

"Thanks for the vacation, Dad.  Gotta go!"  Apollo disappearedin a saffron shimmer.

In moments the council room was deserted.

Zeus raised himself ponderously from his chair, his face going a deepshade of puce.


The End