About Thamiris

Slashaholics.org is maintained as a memorial to Thamiris.

Thamiris was a fan, a writer, an archivist, and a mailing list moderator. She wrote much-admired fiction in many fandoms, in addition to essays, a grammar guide, and meta.

When, sadly, she died of cancer in 2007 at the age of 41, a group of her friends and fan set up a community called Thamiris Preserved to maintain Thamiris's livejournal in her memory. We secured the slashaholics.org domain so that her website could stay at its original address. We took steps to see that Thamiris's website and archives would remain online in perpetuity.

All original content found on the slashaholics.org domain is
© Thamiris and/or other original author(s) 2007.

Questions? Comments? Please feel free to email me.

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