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the old archive of the KSAres mailing list is maintained as a memorial to Thamiris.

Thamiris was a fan, a writer, an archivist, and a mailing list moderator. She wrote much-admired fiction in several fandoms including Smallville, Hercules, Xena, Buffy, Harry Potter, Queer as Folk and The Bible, in addition to essays, a grammar guide, and meta.

After, sadly, she died of cancer in 2007 at the age of 41, several people posted tributes and memorials. Here are links to some of them, including in no particular order: A tribute to Thamiris and a memorial rec by Arebella; and memorials by Lobelia321 here and here; and memorials by Ardent, Amanuensis, ILoveDoyle, Neonym, Lyrebird, Minim-Calibre, Kelliem, Kristispyder, Destina, Madelyn, Hesychasm, Joymaro, Mabiana, Like Cheap Wine, Carmarthen, RavenintheWind, Goth Clark, Hackthis, Selyons, Seperis, Fabrisse, and Cesperanza.

There's an entry about Thamiris at the Rememberfen community and an entry about her at FanLore too.

A community called Tham Preserved was set up to maintain Thamiris' livejournal in her memory. Soo kindly donated the domain, and we took steps to see that Thamiris' fiction, website, and archives would remain online in perpetuity, as she wished.

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